Selection criteria

Selection procedure

The transparent and impartial selection process based on academic results and equal opportunities is ensured by joint application, selection and evaluation criteria.

  1. Steps in the selection process:
  2. 1.  Application
    Online application tool open between November 2012 and 7 February 2013 (the initial deadline – 31 January 2013 – was extended by one week); candidates fill in the online application form, upload all necessary documents and submit their application.
  3. 2.  Eligibility check
    Once the application is closed, the home institutions will check the eligibility of the submitted applications (registration of the candidate at the appropriate study level at the home university, compliance with the Erasmus Mundus eligibility rules and whether the application file contains all the documents required by the EDEN project and the host university). The eligibility check for candidates who are not registered / work at one of the EDEN partner universities will be done by the Co-Coordinator.
  4. 3.  Grading
    The eligible files will be evaluated and graded by the host institutions according to the common grading grid decided upon by the EDEN partnership.
  5. 4.  Final selection
    The Selection Committee will meet and do the final selection of the candidates, based on the host HEI grading and taking into account cross-cutting issues and the balance of mobility flows among the partner institutions.
  6. 5.  Check and confirmation
    The home and host institutions will do a final check of the selected applications and confirm the final list of selected applicants.
  7. 6.  Notification of results
    The final results will be communicated to the Project Management Team and to the candidates. The selected candidates will have 7 days to accept or reject the scholarship. All cases of cancellation will be solved by the Selection Committee in due time.
  8. 7.  Appeals
    All evaluation stages (eligibility, grading and selection) are followed by a notification of the results sent to all candidates. Reserve and rejected candidates will also be informed on the reasons behind this decision and they will have the possibility to appeal against it before the next stage of the selection process.

Grading grid

  • Bachelor and Master
  • Academic merit 6 p
    Study plan 1 p
    CV and motivation letter 3 p

  • PhD, Post-Doc and Staff
  • CV and other merits 3 p
    Relevance of the mobility and motivation 3 p
    Work plan 4 p